Circle G Ranch, previously owned by Elvis Presley, commences Phase 1 of restoration

Horn Lake, Miss. (August 12, 2014) – Phase 1 of restoration has commenced at Circle G Ranch, formerly owned by Elvis Presley.

Plans include the relocation and restoration of the historic Honeymoon Cottage to the interior of the property near the horse stables, which will also be restored. An arena will be created next to the stables for horse and pony rides, shows, and equine therapy, to help those with developmental challenges. Elvis’s barbecue pit will be recreated in its existing location, using the remaining original bricks. The 55-foot cross and the bridge across the 14-acre lake will be refurbished and repainted.

A dynamic water feature will be installed within the lake, as well as a stage for performances, located on the west side of the lake. A grassed terrace seating area will be available for approximately 500 guests to enjoy multimedia water, light and music shows in the natural environment. A parking area and walking paths will be established to access the attractions. The destination will be a paid attraction.

The investors, led by managing partner, Buddy Runnels Jr. of Real Estate International, Inc., are striving to preserve the features from Elvis’s ownership, and will nominate these elements to be in the National Register of Historic Places. Projected completion for Phase 1 is summer 2015.

For more information, visit circlegranch.com or find Circle G Ranch on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

About Circle G Ranch
Circle G Ranch is a 231-acre tract, of which 163 acres is most notable for being once owned by Elvis Presley and wife Priscilla. Located just ten miles south of Graceland in Horn Lake, Mississippi, Circle G Ranch sits on the corner of Highway 301 and Goodman Road. The property is rich in historical features including the Honeymoon Cottage shared by Elvis and Priscilla, the stables where Elvis kept his horses, a 14-acre lake and a prominent 55-foot cross. The future holds exciting plans for restoration at Circle G Ranch since the acquisition by a group of investors led by Mississippi native, Buddy Runnels Jr., of Real Estate International, Inc. This culturally inspired entertainment destination will strive to embrace the local community as well as to ignite an international movement to make a positive impact on aspects that Elvis felt most passionately towards, such as children with special needs, charitable causes, as well as active military and veterans.

Click the image below to view the full-size map of Circle G Ranch.

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