VIDEO: Horn Lake excited about Elvis ranch sale

VIDEO: Horn Lake excited about Elvis ranch sale

HORN LAKE, Miss. — Elvis Presley once owned the property at Goodman and 301, and honeymooned with his wife Pricilla there.

It’s been the subject of speculation by developers for years, but now it’s been sold and everybody is waiting to hear about the future plans for this land.

Tina Streeter remembers the Circle G Ranch when Elvis owned it.

She says it was peaceful, occasionally lively, but for years it’s just sat empty.

”It makes me sad to think that all of that’s gone to waste and it gives me a lot of memories.”

Several years ago, developers announced big plans for a couple of different projects here, but none ever happened.

Horn Lake’s Mayor says the property always had potential.

”It’s just been a diamond in the rough,” said Mayor Allen Latimer.

But late Tuesday, he learned the McLemore family sold the more than 200 acres to investors led by Mississippian Buddy Runnels Junior.

For now, the new owners aren’t saying anything about their plan for the property.

But Horn Lake leaders say whatever it is represents a vital part of Horn Lake’s future.

Runnels’ company Real Estate International is known for its planned communities in the Destin area.

Horn Lake leaders hope they see something similar.

”It will attract people from all over the world. It will hopefully be a upscale development and give people jobs and provide a tax base,” said Latimer.

People who live nearby say they’re glad to finally see some change in the property.

”I hope so, yeah. I think Horn Lake needs more property there because it looks a little bit bare,” Streeter said.

The developers have a website and say they plan to make an announcement about the property’s future soon.

Post courtesty WREG News Channel 3.

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